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Stickwick Manor - aloysius_bear
Stickwick Manor
Last week, my primary human and I took a very pleasant trip down to Dartmoor:

Stickwick 1

We were staying at Stickwick Manor, not far from Newton Abbott, where a group of writers had gathered for some welcome time away from daily life, to focus on their writing:

Stickwick 2

Some of the rooms were very luxurious with masses of space and opulent trimmings:

Stickwick 3

But we were much happier in our smaller, much cosier accommodations:

Stickwick 4

There was a big window, which provided a beautiful view out over the fields:

Stickwick 5

We found this intriguing door, but of course did not venture in, since we were there to work hard!

Stickwick 6

We did take a lovely walk on one of the days - after all, exercise is important to get the creative juices flowing:

Stickwick 7

There wasn't much interaction with the other residents during the day, but we generally gathered in this very comfy lounge an hour or so before dinner, to catch up and relax:

Stickwick 8

Everyone was very lovely, and the food was amazing, and my human very much enjoyed the time away.

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